Business as Unusual

One thing that is constant in most organizations is change (changing policies, changing staff, changing leadership) and change is generally under-managed. The purpose of this program is to help participants avoid falling into the common organizational traps that plague most workplace environments today.

Business As Unusual is designed for supervisors, managers, department heads, and all staff who are responsible for the day-to-day management of other employees.

The program will explore:

  • Why is change is generally under-managed? And, how do you get buy-in when important changes must be implemented?
  • Why do old management habits die hard? And, how do you assess destructive management habits?
  • How do you keep good people? And, how do you catch them doing things right?
  • How do you keep morale up, when workload is increasing, resources are depleted, and staff is burned out?

In this program, we will allow participants to complete an assessment of workplace morale and develop and action plan using many low cost, low time-investment strategies for managing and increasing morale .

We are conveniently located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in Prince Georges County and can host your small-group training programs here or we can come to you anywhere is the Mid-Atlantic region.