Communication Skills For Success

Good communication skills are essential in all aspects of life; especially in the business environment.  If you pick up any current newspaper or job announcement—we bet you can’t find one that reads:  Poor communication skills acceptable or No communication skills needed!  Whether you’ve had a long career,  are just entering the workforce, or are having communication challenges, this workshop has something to offer. The primary goal of this workshop is to increase awareness of things that hinder effective communications between individuals, teams, managers, and employees.

This workshop begins by looking at the current communications challenges that many of us face; participants are given quick strategies for conquering their personal communication challenges.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Assess listening skills and learn 10 tips for improving listening
  • Receive Interpersonal Communication Skills model—which explains exactly why conflict happens!
  • Practice delivering empathy; the most important strategy in difficult communications
  • Learn how non-verbal skills can derail communications
  • Learn the concepts of emotional intelligence—arguably more important that IQ!
  • Practice giving and receiving difficult feedback
  • Assess your conflict management skills and learn why all conflict is GOOD!

We are conveniently located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in Prince Georges County and can host your small-group training programs here or we can come to you anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region.