Consulting Services

Pro-Skills Plus offers a wide range of consulting services, including:

Custom Designed Training Programs
If we don't offer a workshop or course you need, we can custom design any training program you desire. Pro-Skills Plus follows a traditional "instructional design" approach to course development. Most training materials are produced using the "Information Mapping" method that allows participants to easily scan materials when searching for information. This method employs graphics, charts, tables, and white space to make the materials more appealing. We will interview you to determine exactly what you need and custom design a program for your organization. Let us design your next custom training program!

Development of Strategic Planning Objectives 
Every organization should have a strategic plan-with clearly defined goals and objectives. Where is your organization going? Do employees at all levels understand your goals and objectives? Have employees been closely involved in developing your goals and objectives? If your organization struggles with long-term planning, let us help you develop a strategic plan.

Focus Groups Facilitation
When you need to gather information from internal or external customers, let Pro-Skills Plus facilitate focus groups for you. With a wide range of experience with private industry and government clients, we can help you get the information and feedback you need.

Meeting and Event Facilitation 
Whether it's a two-hour meeting or a full day event, we can facilitate for you. Effective facilitation begins long before the event. We will work with you to determine your needs, carefully plan an agenda, facilitate the event, and provide a summary and recommendations if appropriate. Take the stress and strain off your organization and let us do it for you.

Retreat Facilitation 
Every organization should have the opportunity to "get away" to plan or simply relax. Let us plan your next retreat. We can survey your employees for input, arrange for a facility that meets your needs, facilitate your event, provide support, and provide a summary and recommendations if appropriate. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can make sure your retreat is "stress-free."

Team Typing 
As a qualified Myers-Briggs consultant, Pro-Skills Plus can help you identify your team's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was developed over 50 years ago and remains today the single best tool for understanding human behaviors.

The eight Myers-Briggs preferences are:

  • Extrovert or Introvert
  • Sensing or Intuition
  • Thinking or Feeling
  • Judging or Perceiving

The organizational benefits of the MBTI include:

  • Helping people become aware of their differences which can reduce conflict
  • Facilitating team building by identifying strengths, weaknesses and blind spots for organizational units
  • Building understanding regarding an organization's norms and cultures

To improve the way team members work together, start by having each employee understand their own preferences. Call Pro-Skills Plus today to have your organization typed!

Training Needs Assessment
If you are not sure what training you need, we can perform a training needs assessment. Often clients do not have the experience or resources to perform an "in-house" training needs assessment-this is where we can help by administering the assessment, tabulating the results, and presenting the findings in a format which you can use to make training plans.