Customer Service Program

Today, many businesses focus solely on increasing customers and overlook the important work that must be done to retain customers! Pro-Skills Plus offers a comprehensive Customer Service program which recognizes the importance of:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Retaining current customers
  • Satisfying employees
  • Tailoring products and services to meet customer needs

In the past, many companies have relied on price to ensure customer retention. According to Technical Assistance Research Programs,* customers today will choose where they purchase products and services based on a company's service reputation.

What is your firm's service reputation? Have you included "Customer Service" in your company's business or strategic plan? Do you know your organization's customer and employee retention rates? These questions, and others are addressed in our comprehensive Customer Service program.

Customer Service Strategic Framework
Pro-Skills Plus uses a custom-designed "Customer Service Strategic Framework" model to guide its customer service initiatives and philosophies. The framework recognizes three vital parts for building more customer-centered organizations:

  1. Appropriate Customer Service Skills for all employees.
  2. Rewards and Recognition programs and initiatives for all employees.
  3. A variety of Customer Feedback mechanisms.

customer service framework

Customer Service Skills
In our model, Customer Service Skills provide the foundation. We recognize that all employees in an organization must have the appropriate service skills. So often, organizations will "train" telephone staff or employees in the "Customer Service Department" overlooking the fact that often customers will interact with employees at all levels in the organization. Pro-Skills Plus has delivered many comprehensive customer service programs to organizations which range in size from 150-500 employees. These organizations have offered training to all employees including the President, top Executives, as well as front-line staff.

For a more detailed description of our Customer Service Excellence workshop, refer to the course outline.

Pro-Skills Plus can easily tailor our standard program to meet the needs of your organization, please contact us to learn more about tailored training products and services.

We invite you to view quotes from customers who've attended our Customer Service Excellence workshops.

Rewards and Recognition
The purpose for Rewards & Recognition is to foster a culture of employee recognition and to acknowledge the efforts of those employees who strive for excellence in customer service. We strongly believe that where you find very satisfied employees--you will also find very satisfied customers.

Working extensively with a wide variety of clients, Pro-Skills Plus has learned that many organizations reward employees for hard work and loyalty yet, miss many opportunities to celebrate the work they do in creating satisfied customers.

We will help you design a Rewards and Recognition program to meet your individual employees needs while balancing your organization's goals and resources. If your organization currently has a Rewards and Recognition program, we will review it and help you improve it.

Customer Feedback
Very often, organizations are either "too busy" or unprepared to handle customer feedback. Customers today expect more from every organization that provides service-this includes the federal government, local government, for profit organizations, and non-profit organizations alike.

This program recognizes the importance of gathering customer feedback about your organization's products, policies, and services. Your organization may already be involved in activities, like customer surveys, to gather feedback. While traditional surveys can serve to provide valuable customer feedback, we will help you search for innovative ways to obtain feedback, including Web-based feedback, the use of Kiosks, and point-of-service interviews. Pro-Skills Plus will assist you in the design, implementation, and analysis of the customer feedback tools you choose.

* Recently renamed E-Satisfy.