Mapping Your Mind

It is estimated that we use less than 10% of our available brain resources. This workshop introduces an easy process, which allows the vast potential of the brain to be developed. The brain is an amazing organ and this course teaches participants how to use its enormous abilities. This program will introduce participants to the tools and techniques needed to improve brain function thereby making learning easy and fun!

Authors Michael Gelb, founder of High Performance Learning and Tony Buzan, founder of the Buzan Centre, profess that we can all "unlock the Da Vincian" genius inside us! This of course, referring to Leonardo da Vinci, well noted for his amazing abilities in so many fields. This workshop helps participants examine the fields they are "good at" and those they are not.

This curriculum is unconventional in many ways; emphasis is placed on having fun and learning by involvement and practice.

We are conveniently located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in Prince Georges County and can host your small-group training programs here or we can come to you anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region.