Improving Memory

There has been no other time in history which requires the human mind to process so much information.  We are exposed to more information in a day's newspaper than pre-historic caveman experienced in his entire life!  Learning to manage information for success is a requirement of the modern workforce.  

This course provides participants with an understanding of how memory works and many helpful memory enhancement tools. Mostly, people emphasize how much they forget and ignore the amazing things which we remember each day! In this course, we will help you improve your memory and teach you how to continue improvement through practice.  Our program, unconventional in many ways, teaches participants how to juggle in six minutes! The focus on "learning how we learn" is threaded through this fun, fast-paced program.  Students will walk away with tools which they can use immediately to improve memory.

We are conveniently located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in Prince Georges County and can host your small-group training programs here or we can come to you anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region.