Creating A Respectful Workplace

The purpose of this training is to start a dialogue about the importance of creating a respectful workplace and to highlight each employee’s role. According to Peter Fiorni, author of Choosing Civility and Founder of the Johns Hopkins Civility Project, disrespect happens in the workplace for several reasons--these are revealed.  Disrespect in the workplace is on the rise and organizations like WBI (The Workplace Bullying Institute) and Hollaback are bringing attention to the need for support and education.  During this workshop employees will identify disrespectful behaviors that they have witnessed, experienced or heard about--these will be shared during the training--sometimes illuminating a need for things to drastically change in the workplace environment. Since workplace disrespect can fall into many different categories (i.e. sexual harassment or poisoned work culture), employees will review the differences and be introduced to strategies for dealing with disrespectful behaviors in a respectful way.  Finally, employees will be introduced to the personnel policies and procedures that govern workplace behaviors, etiquette, and protocols.