Creating An Engaged Workforce

According to Business Week: “Job satisfaction has plummeted; the lowest ever recorded since 1987; down 26%.” Many people are unmotivated, not because they have a great reason to be, but rather because they have not been given a great reason to be. So, how do you create and maintain a workforce which is motivated, driven, committed and focused on the needs and wants of your customers?In this workshop, we call on Gallup Poll Consulting to understand the benefits of an engaged workforce. Make no mistake ENGAGED does not mean working, producing, or having staff complete tasks and assignments. To that end, we will explores what employee engagement is not! Good leadership is the cornerstone of any successful organization, this workshops helps leaders understand:

• The three types of employees and the dangers of having a disengaged workforce.

• How “rewards and recognition” programs can hurt employee engagement.

• How to develop strategies for measuring employee engagement and the difficulties with getting an accurate reading.

• How to develop strategies for improving employee engagement.