Conflict Style: It Matters!

When we arrive on the job, often we have had little/no training on the “how” to resolve conflict. While most of us can recall a conflict situation that was uncomfortable, we don’t always learn and grow from conflict opportunities. Our ability to work out differences affects the way we live and interact with others. While conflict can be painful— it’s a part of being human and working with diverse teams and people. We hope that participants will learn to appreciate conflict and the gift that it brings for growth and development. In this workshop, participants will:

• Determine the positive aspects of conflict; dispelling myths that it’s all BAD.

• Assess the difference between conflict RESOLUTION and conflict UNDERSTANDING.

• Complete an inventory which will provide a snapshot of their personal style of dealing with conflict.

• Become versed in the five styles of conflict and learn the benefits and risks of overuse associated with each.

• Learn why self-management is the most important aspect of understanding conflict.