On a Personal Note

Susan Spangler lives in Southern Maryland with her husband and two children. She is active in her church, serving as a Eucharistic Minister and dedicated to youth sports development serving as a coach for T-Ball and soccer.

Working closely with the Citizens For A Cleaner County, Inc., Ms. Spangler recently spearheaded a community group, Citizens Against Trash (C.A.T.), organized to clean up one of the longest roads in Southern Maryland. Ms. Spangler and her family are personally responsible for the clean up and maintenance of a two-mile stretch on this road. A secondary goal of this project is to inspire other citizens to start similar projects on the many littered roads in Maryland.

Ms. Spangler is a certified Pilates instructor and is dedicated to personal fitness. She enjoys the outdoors and likes to spend spare time with family and friends. For more information on Pilates services, visit www.pilatespluscenter.com